The Wines


2008 Padre’s Vineyard

Complex and bold, the 2008 vintage was aged in barrels for 3 years. 2008 was the year of the frost in the Napa Valley. As a result, Bragg Vineyards lost approximately 80% of its crop due to the frost. Given this harsh weather these grapes were naturally stressed, producing outstanding flavor. The 2008 vintage will stand the test of time and age gracefully.

2009 Mario’s Vineyard

Mario’s Vineyard was originally planted in 1983. The 2009 vintage was its last year before being ripped and replanted.  The final harvest from this mature vineyard has produced a big Cabernet Sauvignon that continues to get better with time. One of  distinct characteristics of Bragg Vineyards is that they produce wines that have well rounded tannins and balanced acidity.  Mario’s 2009 is no exception, it is bold but subtle and smooth over the palate. One of the winemaker’s favorites.

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2009 Padre’s Vineyard

These grapes were picked at the ultimate time producing a wine that is smooth, consistent and elegant from start to finish. This wine is full bodied and can stand alone. It is ready to drink now!!!

2010 Padres Vineyard

This wine was also aged in barrels for 3 years. Due to its limited production Bragg Vineyards extends the aging process with mostly neutral French Oak barrels, thus controlling the oak flavor. Most wineries age Cabernet in barrels for 18 to 24 months. Meticulous racking and consistent topping assures that the wine will stay vibrant and relatively oxygen free allowing it to mature naturally in a barrel instead of a bottle. The 2010 Padre’s is a perfect example of why longer in the barrel is better!


2011 Padre’s Vineyard

2011 was a challenging season. Mother Nature demonstrated her versatility by exposing the grapes to a variety of weather conditions. However, these conditions made the grapes struggle, which in turn produced wine with a complex array of flavors and a smooth finish. The wine remained in barrels for over 3 years. We are very proud of the 2011 vintage and believe it will become a customer favorite!

2012 Padre’s Vineyard

We have high expectations for the 2012 vintage. It already demonstrates a maturity and elegance that highlights the unique qualities of a Calistoga Appellation 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Over the palate it is smooth from start to finish. Full bodied and complex, the wine has a hint of oak which compliments the natural flavors. This Cabernet was aged in the barrel for 3 years and laid down in a bottle for 12 months before release.  2012 was, and will continue to be, a very good year!!

Bragg Vineyards Flatbed
Bragg Vineyards Flatbed

2013 Padre’s Vineyard

Like the 2012 this vintage was aged in barrels (25% New French Oak and 75% Neutral Oak) for 36 months. The wine then rested in glass (bottled) for a year before being released. This longer aging process allows the wine to mature more naturally, producing a Cabernet Sauvignon with well rounded tannins and balanced acidity! The 2013 has all the characteristics of a Bragg Vineyards Cabernet: bold but smooth over the palate.

2014 Padre’s Vineyard

Our newest release! 2014 was aged as its predecessors were – 36 months in the barrel and over a year in the bottle before being release. This wine was a favorite of those that participated in our wine tour and barrel tastings. Smooth and balanced this vintage is very approachable now, but it will continue to mature with time.