The Bragg Family

This boutique family winery has handcrafted estate Cabernet Sauvignon for over 20 years and only produces 100 to 125 cases of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon each year. We age our wines longer in the barrel, creating smoother, more delicate wines.

The 1960 Ford F-350 Flat bed (Shown below) is the Vineyard’s work horse. It is old school, hard working and reliable, attributes the Bragg family appreciate, admire and strive to incorporate into their passion for winemaking!

Bragg Vineyards Flatbed
Bragg Vineyards Flatbed

The Vineyards

Bragg is comprised of two designated Vineyards: Mario’s and Padre’s. Both vineyards are strategically situated on the upper Napa Valley floor, nestled between the Napa River and Cyrus Creek. These waterways meet just south of the property, surrounding the vineyards on three sides with water making this location perfect for gathering and accumulating gravelly well drained alluvial soil.

Prior to becoming a bonded winery in 2008, Bragg Vineyards sold its grapes to wineries such as Chateau Montelena and Von Strasser. The grapes have a long and storied history going into some of the finest cabernet sauvignon produced from the Calistoga appellation.

Bragg Vineyards
Bragg Vineyards painted vine

Mario’s Vineyard

Mario’s Vineyard was originally planted on St. George root stock in 1983, producing full-bodied, smooth but bold Cabernet Sauvignon wines. In 2013, Mario’s Vineyard was ripped out and laid fallow for almost two years, allowing the soil to replenish with cover crop and compost. In 2014, Mario’s Vineyard was replanted on 110-R rootstock. In 2015, after the rootstock was allowed time to become hearty and strong, the cabernet clone was field-grafted to the rootstock.

Padre’s Vineyard

Padre’s Vineyard was also originally planted in 1983 and replanted in 2002 on bench grafted 101-14 root stock and clone 337. Padre’s Vineyard produces a wine with similar characteristics to that of Mario’s Vineyard, such as well rounded tannins and balanced acidity. However, it is not as big as the Mario’s Cabernet Sauvignon. Instead it is more delicate in composition, meaning the Padre’s Cabernet does not have to sit (age) as long, before it is ready to drink.

Bragg Vineyards
Padre’s Vineyard